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Whether you are an Android or iOS user, the FREE Recovered App is the official App for our community. The best way to stay connected with Recovered is through the FREE Recovered App. I have been releasing Bonus Content, such as interviews, recovery reflections, and AA PDFs in the official App for Recovered.
This app is now available in the Apple App Store, Amazon (Android), Google Play, as well as Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone. Just go to your app store of choice and search on “Recovered” and download the Official FREE Recovered Podcast App.
The latest 20 Recovered Podcast Episodes will always be free.  As a way of expressing our gratitude for your support of Recovered, we will make all of our back catalog available to you when you become a Premium Subscriber. There are over 400 premium episodes of the Recovered Podcast, and now more ways then ever to get those when and where you want them.  Periodically, special new premium episodes will also be released from time to time in addition to our back catalog.


The Recovered Podcast Libsyn Premium Accounts
Recovered Podcast Libsyn Premium Accounts + iOS App
Recovered Podcast Libsyn Premium Accounts+ Android App
Recovered Libsyn Premium Accounts + Web Browser

In partnership with Recovered’s host server Libsyn, you can support the show and sign up for a Libsyn Premium Account (also known as a MyLibsyn Account) and you can use that single account to access Premium content via your webbrowser, the Recovered Podcast iOS App and the Recovered podcast Android App.  Donation levels are – $2.99 for 1 month and $9.99 for a year. It’s a membership, so you’ll be charged every 1 or 12 months – depending on which level you sign up for. Your Libsyn Premium Account gets you access to Premium content everywhere you want it.

The best way to access our Premium Episodes is through our own stand alone Recovered App.

  1. Go to App Store
  2. Search for “recovered”
  3. Select the Recovered App and download the free app
  4. Open Recovered App
  5. Tap the latest episode
  6.  Tap on “Notes”
  7.  Tap on “Subscribe to Premium”
  8. Sign into premium by using your username and password you established when you subscribed to premium