Why Believe in a Higher Power?

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So it seems that my higher power does not will tragedy, nor does he ordinarily step in to miraculously stop tragedy. So then, why believe?

I’ve come to understand that God inspires other people to walk with those who are on a tragic path. To save them from the dangers of being judged, abandoned, feeling alone, etc. the famous saying, “human beings are God’s language” seems true to me today.
The longer I travel on the spiritual journey called life, I find myself taking comfort in very traditional understandings of the spiritual life. I guess that’s not so surprising, since they’ve traveled this road before. 

Answered Prayer

150 150 Mark S

So, why do we pray? Is it to beg for the things I need or want? And if I don’t receive those gifts I prayed for, does that mean that God didn’t listen or doesn’t care? What does it mean when something bad happens, and a whole community gathers and prays fervently for a miracle that doesn’t happen? The miracle doesn’t occur even though constant prayer vigils are made at the bedside….death still has the last word. Where was God? Did he not care? Why was he so passive.

Passive, hardly, he was busy bringing people together to show support to let the afflicted know that they do not suffer alone. God was busy at the bedside to walk alongside so that entry into the next world is done with support and not alone.