Canton Candlelight is 4 Years Old

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So Let’s Party!
Canton Candlelght 4th year anniversary party!
Date: Thursday 27 SEP 12
Time: 8:00 pm Party Starts
10:00 pm Open Talk
Place: PC Alano Club
5936 Sheldon Road 
Canton, MI 48187
Open Talk Speaker: Chad M. 
Bring a dish to pass

Recovered 368 – Fourth Step Analyzer

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Tonight’s Recovery Topic is the Fourth Step Analyzer

Mark is solo tonight and he explains the use of the Fourth Step Analyzer; the excel worksheet he developed using the Joe and Charlie Worksheets for a Fourth Step.  Mark uses the 4th step example presented on page 65 of the Big Book.  This spreadsheet helps us to develop our 9th step amends list, what areas of security causes fear and what are our character defects.

Click to Downliad 4th Step Analyzer

Click to Joe and Charlie Worksheets

Recovered 337 – Best of Recovered

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This episode aired less than 24 hours after my Dad passed away.

Recovered 336 – Doreen P. Part 1 of 3

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On today’s show, our Recovery Topic is….

Picking Our Battles – How Important Is It?

have you thought about this one before Bill?

We’ll talk about it

Following our Recovery Topic, we will have This Week in Recovery where we discuss what’s going on at the home group and what’s going on in the Family Room.

Then we move over to Alcohol and the Media .  In this segment  we share clips about what the media says about alcohol, alcoholics, and alcoholics anonymous.  

Video Clips include:

Scottsman Fergeson Talk about Recovery (funny)

Media Report on Alcohol and Health

Bud Selig and Alcohol in the clubhouse

Article covered:

Michigan Pot Dispensaries Must Close

our Open Talk Segment we have
Part  1 of an 3 part  Open Talk/Presentation From Doreen

Recovered 334 – Step 4 Part 7 of 8

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On today’s show, our Recovery Topic is….

Fear – Fear of Failure/Fear of Success

Video Clips include:

Parents alcohol and kids

Alcoholic Gummy Bears

Dr. Bob at Cleveland 1950

Chris Herren Basketball Junkie

Article covered:

Eminem Talks Addiction

In our Open Talk Segment we have
Part 7 of an 8 part  Open Talk/Presentation From Joe and Charlie on Step  4