Old Friends – Recovered 443

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Have you ever relapsed?

Were you with using friends?

When you first came in, what did you think about the current friends you had?

Did you still hang out with them?

What advice were you given on this subject of being in wet places with wet faces?

What did you tell your friends?

Do you think you can ever associate with people that drink?

Can you be in an environment where there is active drinking?

Does it bother you now?

Did it bother you when you were new?

What are some factors is determining if you can be with drinking friends?

Length of sobriety, does it matter? Why?

At peace with recovery, does it matter? Why?

Finished the 12 Steps, does it matter? Why?

Your sponsor’s opinion, does it matter? Why?

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9th Step – Recovered 441

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What were your first thoughts of making amends?

What did you think was involved?

What was actually involved, what was your experience?

Tell us about an amend gone well

Why did it go well? What are lessons learned?

Tell us about an amend gone badly

Why did it go badly? What are lessons learned?

What are some of your suggestions?

Your thoughts about…

1.  Feel the feeling first,

think about what it will be like saying the words of amends and how it will feel

2.  Understand what it takes to make an amends

Must be over anger, resentments, jealousy before facing the person

3.  Write down reasons why your making amends

4.  Prepare what you are going to say

5.  Resolve solutions

Prepare how you will propose to make the situation right.

6.  Keep it simple

7.  Move on regardless

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Movie Review – Recovered 441

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In this episode, Mark reviews the movie Flight and shares from The Recovered Podcast Community. Upcoming events include Canton Candlelight 5 year Anniversary Party and Open Talk, the documentary film showing of The Anonymous People, and the Traverse City

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Fellowship – Recovered 440

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Today, I am using my mobile rig set up and discuss my thoughts on the Fellowship.  I had the oportunty to visit a Detox Center and received the gift of speaking with clients that were just hours sober.  I was fiulled with Hope for them.

I then received news about a good friends child who is one of us.  My friend’s child has experienced horrific tauma over the past few months and strted using again which had led to hospitalizations.  There are small children involved.  Yet I am filled with hope for her because of the fellowship.

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Service Work – Recovered 439

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What does service work mean to you?
How has it helped your program?
What kinds of service have you done?

Has your sponsor ever volunteered you for something?

Have you ever suggested served for your sponsee?
Why do you think service work helps you feel better?
What is the most unique service you ever did?

What are you doing now?

Why do you think some people think of service work as a spiritual exercise?
How has your understanding of service work changed since you were new?

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Jason Schwartz – Recovered 438

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We interview Jason Schwartz, Clinical Director of Dawn Farm, a local recovery center here in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area.

Canton Cadlelight 5 year Anniversary Party with Barak C. as Open Talk Speaker

Join Mark S. at the Traverse City Fall Round Up on November 1-3

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Don’t Quit Before The Miracle – Recovered 437

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What does this mean to you?
Was there a point when you thought about giving up?
What happened?
Have you ever given up before?
What led you to this point of despair?
What character defect was operating?
How do you avoid getting to this point of despair?
What is the miracle?
Where do you first hear this slogan?
What step helps most for this problem?
Is there a slogan that helps?
What prayer is helpful?

For the person who is thinking about giving up, what would you say to this person?

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Recovery On Campus – Recovered 435

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What are some of the challenges to the student in recovery?

We surveyed our listeners, and they reported the following:

Matt I’m going to start with you, do you have any experience in this field of students in recovery?

How about you Air, what is your story, what is your experience?

And Jason, what is your day job and what has been your experience with the young addict?

What are some of the challenges to the student in recovery?

Some challenges include


pressure to use

hostile environment


Isolation from off-campus support

What are barriers to success?

What are positive signs on campus for the student in recovery?

What supports are available?

Where do students go for support?

What kind of meeting should a student look for?

What if these types of meetings are not available?

What about time, aren’t students too busy for recovery activities?

Being the youngest in the group, is this a special challenge?

What about dating, what are your suggestions?

How about sponsorship? Any guidelines?

What is the experience with parents when they find out their student is in recovery?

In 2007, 10% of AA is less than 30 years old, do you think this has changed?  Why or why not?

Don’t all students drink and do drugs, how does someone know they have a problem?

For the student, what are some red flags which indicate possible addiction?

What about al-anon, do students go to alanon too?

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Hour 12 Of The 12 Hour Podcast – Recovered 434

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Suzie joins Mark in the 12th hour of the 12 Hour Podcast.  This concludes all of the content that was produced during this event.  Thank you to all who contributed, it could not have been a success without everyone of you.

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