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Dear Friends:

Our next Recovery Topic is :  
Feeling Sad in Recovery

Call in and be part of the show.  Call:

Call in and answer the following question:
What recovery tool do you use when you are feeling sad?

Feeling the feelings is part of being sober.  Now that we are clean, we can no longer use drugs and alcohol to medicate these negative feelings like we used to.  But now, we have tools to help us cope and lean about ourselves in a healthy way.  How do you do this?

We have a chat room available to you to listen to the show live and interact with us and other listeners as we record the show.  You will also hear bloopers and other conversations that don’t make it to the edited episode that is posted later that night.

Our next show is:
Tuesday, May 26 at 6:30 pm EDT (-4 GMT)

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God bless and see you next time.

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