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If you grew up in a family where
one or both parents used anger to control you,
then anger likely plays a role in your life now.

Why do you think we have anger?
What purpose does anger have?

Did you grow up with anger in your household?
Did one or both of your parents use anger as a way to keep you in line and have control over you?
How did you respond?
Were you ever been punished for being angry?
How do you think suppressing anger affects you?
Does your anger come out in other ways?

Were you angry when you came into recovery?
Have you been angry with AA?
Have you been angry with a sponsee?
Have you been angry with a group/club?

Do you use anger to avoid other uncomfortable feelings?
Do you use anger to control people?

Now, as an adult, what part does anger play in your life?
Do you use anger to control, trying to get others to do what you want?

Do you use compliance to control others, trying to make sure they don’t get angry with you?
Do you shut down, withdraw and resist when others are angry, to punish them and not be controlled by them?

When is anger a good thing?
How is anger and injustice related?
What is a healthy response to anger?
What is an unhealthy response to anger?

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