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There is a myth that abusing alcohol or drugs can make people more creative. This idea has gained weight because so many creative types have had addiction problems. The reality is that these individuals were creative despite their substance abuse and not because of it.

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When you first came in, what types of creative projects were you involved in?
What was the culture like there, was it one of alcohol and drugs?

What was it like in early recovery?
Were you worried that sobriety would affect your creativity?
Were you worried that your sobriety would affect your social status in this world?
Were you worried that sobriety would threaten your ability to make money in your creative projects?

In your early recovery,

What about fuzzy thinking in early recovery, how did that affect you?
What about PAWS? Did you suffer from Post Acute Withdrawal Symptom?
What were some of your experiences in early recovery?
What were your fears in early recovery?

Let’s talk about today, after a few 24 hours in recovery,

Do you know any fellow artists that are sober?
Is there a recovering community in your art world?

What types of creative things are you involved in?
Has your creativity suffered as a result of recovery?
Does recovery take time away from your art?

How do others in the field react to your sobriety?
Do you have the support from fellow artists who are not sober?
Did you have to give up some relationships?

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