Call Recovered About Your Character Defects

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Tuesday Night, the recovery topic will be “Character Defects”

Character defects like resentment, fear, anger, and self-pity will weigh us down in recovery. We have to let go of these shortcomings to stay happy, healthy, and focused on our program.

Sometimes we might experience these emotions in small doses and as ordinary reactions to life challenges. And that’s okay. But when we carry these emotions around with us for longer than necessary, or when they become a habit, we gamble with our sobriety.

Thursday, we talk about our Character Defects

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When you “call”, reflect on these questions:
  • For you, what are character defects?
  • In early recovery, what were some of your glaring character defects?
  • How did they weigh you down?
  • Today, what are your favorites?
  • How do they weigh you down?
  • How do you recognize a shortcoming as something that is more than a small defeat, but rather one that is weighing you down?
  • How do you work step 6?
  • How do you work step 7?
  • How does your higher power take away your defects?
So you can prepare for Tuesday’s show, you can get a copy of our Show Notes, just click 

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