Call In and Tell Us Your Story About Family Life in Recovery

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We would really appreciate your contribution to the show.  Think of it as service work.  What you share may be exactly what the new person needs to hear.

Call In And Share Your Story About Family Life in Recovery.
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Hi, my name is Mark and my story of family life is about acceptance and gratitude.  Early in my recovery, it seemed like all my friends family lives were so much better than mine.  It seemed to me that all their kids and careers were so much better than mine.  Some nights,  I would go to my AA meeting, my wife would go to al-anon, my oldest son would be in treatment, and my youngest son would go to al-ateen.  I came to accept the fact that we were all in recovery and learning how to live life on life’s terms.  This led me to gratitude for my program.

Let’s hear your story!

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