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If you call in this week, leave us a voice message, and send us an email with your mailing address, we will send you a copy of Buddy’s Book, Powerless but not Helpless.  Hurry before they are all gone.
Tuesday Night, the recovery topic will be “Emptiness.”
Over the next several weeks, we will explore the spirituality of the book
Powerless but not Helpless
A Recovery Interpretation of the Tao Te Ching
81 Essential Meditations That Can Change Your Life!

When we stop using drugs and alcohol, we can see the void we were trying to fill.  We can see the emptiness that existed before our addiction.

Filling this void with drugs and alcohol did not work.  But maybe this emptiness has a purpose.  Maybe recovery can help us fill the void with what it was intended for.  If you are new, you are beginning your recovery journey and the void is visible. And it is scary. Don’t worry!  When you have the support of the fellowship, when you have a homegroup, when you work steps, when you talk with a trusted friend, you can see that this void can be filled with good things.  Filled with things it was intended for.

Tonight, we talk about Emptiness.

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When you “call”, reflect on these questions:
  • What is an emptiness to you?
  • Have you ever felt the void?
  • How did you try to fill the void?
  • How can emptiness be a positive thing?
  • What were you longing for when you used drugs and alcohol?
  • How did the program help you?
  • What step helped you find your purpose?
  • Today, what is your purpose?
  • Today, what is your heart’s desire?
  • How does your higher power help you discern?
  • How does the fellowship help in this journey?
So you can prepare for Tuesday’s show, you can get a copy of our Show Notes,  just click 

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