Call Recovered About How Sobriety is For Anyone

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Tuesday Night, the recovery topic will be “Sobriety is for Anyone.”
Over the next several weeks, we will explore the spirituality of the book
Powerless but not Helpless
A Recovery Interpretation of the Tao Te Ching
81 Essential Meditations That Can Change Your Life!

Verse 4 – Sobriety Is for Anyone

Our Higher Power and creation treat all equally.

Sobriety is available for anyone who will do the work.

The principles of recovery seem empty of power.

Yet, they never fail to provide when we learn to surrender.

Tonight, we talk about how Sobriety is for Anyone.

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When you “call”, reflect on these questions:
  • What does the phrase Sobriety is for Anyone mean to you?
  • Did you believe that sobriety was possible before the program?  Why?
  • Do you think Sobriety is for anyone?
  • Do you believe that creation treats anyone’s recovery equally?
  • How has “doing the work” helped your sobriety?
  • What are some principles of recovery that are most important to your program?
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