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Tuesday Night, the Recovery Topic is “Making Recovery Plans for 2018.”
In our program, it’s our responsibility to make plans. Making plans help us to achieve goals we may have and help us grow.
We may want to be more happy, joyous, and free in 2018, but how do we do this?
We should just be careful not to plan the outcomes to specifically.
We can make a plan, just be careful that it doesn’t turn into an expectation.
We need to be flexible as we plan.
Our higher power may have a different idea of what the outcome will be.
Let’s talk about this solution.  Tap Speakpipe (preferred because the sound quality is excellent.  Use this method especially if you are outside the Unites States) or call 1-734-288-7510 and answer the following question(s):
Do you have any Recovery Plans for 2018? What are they?
What tools, steps, prayers, what recovery methods do you plan to use to achieve those goals?
What would make you happier in your recovery?
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