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Before we ever picked up a drink, we didn’t fit in.  We felt different. But when we started using, we became accustomed to living in a world where drugs and alcohol provided us the ability to cope.  We finally fit in.  Then the bottom came.

In early recovery, coping with this new way of living is hard.  We are not happy, joyous, and free like the others we see.  At the same time, we are not using.  We don’t fit in again.  The pink cloud vanished.

Now, we were told it’s time to get to work.  It’s time to develop the coping skills we always lacked.  It’s time to work on a program of recovery.  In the process, we developed intimate relationships with like-minded people and a host of coping skills.  We found the cure to Not Fitting In.

Tonight, we talk about Not Fitting In.

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When you “call”, reflect on these questions:
  • Have you ever had the feeling you didn’t fit in?
  • What were the circumstances?
  • Have you ever felt alone in a crowd?
  • Did you make new friends in recovery?
  • Did this help with the unease of not fitting in?
  • Do you still have old friends you know before recovery?
  • What is your experience with them now?
  • If you are still in contact, how have you navigated being sober while they still use
  • Have you found that being in AA has helped your feeling of not fitting in?
  • If so, what part of the program helped?
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