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When people decide to give up an addiction, they are agreeing to make a major change to their life. The benefits of such a dramatic alteration of course can be wonderful, but it will be a step into the unknown.

The individual needs to summon up a great deal of courage and be prepared to let go of their old habits. Once the individual becomes sober it does not mean the process of change is complete.

It continues indefinitely. Anyone who builds a successful life away from addiction will constantly face changes and challenges. It is part of what makes their life away from addiction so wonderful.

When you were new, what was the main thing you had to change?
Tell us what happened?
What was standing in the way of change?
What recovery tool helped?
What did not help?

How did your sponsor help?
How did prayer help?
How did meetings help?

What are you trying to change today?
What is in the way?
Why is it difficult for you?

What do you hope to change in the future?
Why are you waiting?
When will you know it’s time?

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