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Humans are obviously not perfect; everyone will have their flaws and weaknesses. It is only when these imperfections lead to suffering that there is a real cause for concern. Most people will have many minor character defects, and a few major ones. It will be these major flaws that will cause them the most problems in life.

It is necessary that recovering addicts puts a bit of effort into removing their more serious character defects. They will not be expected to fix everything overnight, but a continual effort to develop as a human is required. Those who fail to deal with their major character flaws will find that this prevents them from finding true happiness in sobriety ? they become a dry drunk. It could even be a trigger for a return to substance abuse.

A character flaw then refers to any type of imperfection in the way people think or behave. These imperfections can also be referred to as defects of character.

What comes to mind first regarding character defects?

Why is identifying your character flaws important to your recovery?
How has ignoring one caused you pain?
How has identifying one helped you?

How do you identify your character defects?
How does acceptance and your shortcomings relate?
One slogan is “progress rather than perfection.” How does this relate to your character defects?

Why is ignoring your flaws dangerous to your recovery?
How do you deal with your shortcoming?

What would you say to the new guy?


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