Cherry Hill Village – Recovered on the Road 939

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If you want Recovered Podcast to come to you so you can share your story with us, please reach out to and let me know.  We would love to come to your roundup, your conference, your event, your open talk….whatever, we want to carry your message to the person who still suffers.

Our generous Recovered Podcast Community allows us to be self supporting and not rely on outside contributions.  If you would like to join us, there are two ways.

  1. Episode Sponsorship  We will recognize you by first name only at the top, mid, and end of the episode.  Any amount will qualify.
  2. Premium Membership  This is the single most effective way to support the show.  Watch the video in its entirety and learn how to become Premium

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This is a short episode with my mobile studio.  The same mobile setup I plan to use as we try to go on the road with Recovered Podcast. 

Today, I share my morning routine.

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