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Much like other areas of life, when we first enter recovery, it’s new and exciting. Unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before, living life in sobriety after years spent toiling away in addiction is exhilarating and we strive for more. But what happens after the novelty of recovery wears off? Complacency in recovery is not uncommon
but can become dangerous if you let it take control.

Tonight, we talk about Complacency in Recovery

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Complacency is insidious; it descends upon us gradually. Before we know it, if we’re not careful, our meeting attendance sharply declines from every day to five times a week, then to once a week, and then finally to one meeting per month. Our daily talks with our sponsors become weekly chats in passing, and our step work begins to collect dust in the corners of our rooms. We begin to encounter familiar feelings of emptiness or desolation. We have become complacent.


We have become prime targets for relapse.


What comes to mind first regarding Complacency in Recovery?

What is being complacent to you?

What does it look like for you?


What is the difference between being confident and being complacent?

For you, what character defect is in affect when you are complacent?

What is the opposite of that character defect for you?


How do you know when you are being complacent?

Can you tell when someone else is being complacent?


What is the difference between being complacent with your recovery and being satisfied with your recovery?


Why is being complacent bad for you?

How is it is dangerous?


How do you fight off complacency?

How can the following help?

Higher power

Steps, which ones

Slogans, which ones

Service work, what types





What would you say to the new guy?


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