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If people become sober and it does not make much difference to their life they are unlikely to put much effort into maintaining their recovery. That is why recognizing success in recovery is important.

However, there can be pitfalls associated with experiencing success in recovery. These are more likely to be a problem for those who are newly sober. Those individuals who are secure in their sobriety will be able to enjoy success just like everyone else.

Those individuals who escape an addiction can expect to experience plenty more success in their life going forward. This is not to say that riches will fall from the sky, but being sober means that people are now able to do the things they need to achieve their ambitions.

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Let’s turn to you first,
What were your initial thoughts on this topic, where do you want to start?

Why is success in recovery important to you?
What kind of achievements have you experienced in recovery?

How do you celebrate success?

What are the benefits of experiencing some success in recovery?

How can a success be dangerous to someone in recovery?
Have you ever experienced some of The Dangers of Success in Recovery?

What is a pink cloud in recovery?
Have you experienced it?
Was it positive?
Was it negative?
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