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When people break away from addiction they are likely to see some benefits immediately. The early days of recovery can be hard though, and unless the individual believes that it is going to lead them to a better life they may give up when things get hard. There is no real way to prove conclusively to somebody that their life is going to improve significantly if they remain sober. They have to take a leap of faith and believe that this is the case. It is this that gives them the motivation to continue.

Faith is often associated with religion, but it can actually be defined as confidence or trust in a person or thing. For example, trusting somebody involves putting faith in the idea that what they say is true. Another way that faith can be defined is to say that it is something that a person believes in that does not require logical proof or material evidence. A leap of faith is when people decide to believe in something even though they may not have enough compelling evidence to back this belief.

Tonight, we talk about Faith

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