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Facing addiction squarely and joining a 12 step program to become whole again takes a tremendous commitment ? of time, energy, and determination. You learn about addiction, triggers, how to overcome cravings, how to prevent relapse ? in short, you gain an entire toolkit of handy strategies and techniques to help you in recovery. When you start working steps and attend meetings, all should be perfect, right? It doesn’t quite turn out that way. There’s still a lot of hard work ahead.
One key element that will further your progress is forgiveness ? a big part of recovery.

First to mind?

When you were new,
did you think forgiveness was a part of recovery?
Did you need to forgive and who?
Did you think you deserved to be forgiven and by who?

Can you forgive someone without that person asking for it?

Does forgiving mean condoning?
What does the expression forgive and forget mean to you?

Have you ever asked for forgiveness?
Have you ever expected forgiveness because of your sobriety?

Have you ever forgiven police/judge?

What step made you face the necessity of forgiveness?
What about your higher power, did you think you needed forgiveness here?
Did you ever ponder forgiving your higher power?

What did you learn about forgiveness?
Was forgiveness important in early sobriety?

Have you ever had to forgive the fellowship/homegroup?
Have you ever had to forgive your sponsor?
How about your sponsee?

Have you ever not wanted to forgive someone?
Were you ever afraid to forgive someone?

Have you forgiven yourself?

Have you ever forgiven someone just in your head?
Have you ever forgiven someone anonymously?
Have you ever forgiven someone face to face with them asking for it?
Have you ever written to someone forgiving them?
Have you ever forgiven someone who has passed away?

What does a “clean slate” mean to you?

IS there anyone you still need to forgive?

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