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Some have recommended that those who are in early recovery

(the first couple of years)

limit contact with former drinking and drug using friends.  

This is not to say they are bad, just maybe not the healthiest choice during early recovery.  

We will explore this position.

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What are your thoughts on this recommendation, limiting contact with using friends early on?

Why do you think this is recommended?
What was your experience during early recovery?

Now let’s talk about later in recovery.
Let’s talk about after the obsession to use has been lifted.
Some recovery professionals say
one of the important tasks that people undertake in early recovery is to build a new social support network of people who support their sobriety. These do not necessarily have to be people in recovery,
but they should not be those who are actively involved in substance abuse.

This means that by the time the person has been sober for a few years they will have all the friends and support they need.

Thoughts, opinion?
Do you socialize with people who drink?
Do you find this awkward?
How do you react when people ask for permission to drink?

Do you socialize with people who actively use drugs?
Is this different for you thank for people who drink?
Why or why not?

Do you serve alcohol at home?
Why or why not?

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