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Kayla, today we will do the Recovered Podcast a little different. Kayla is a regular host on the Recovered Podcast, but today I want our listeners to know you Kayla in a more complete way. I want our listeners who happen to be young students to be inspired by your story.

So, today Kayla, I want you to share with our listeners your story.

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Let’s start at the beginning Kayla
Where were you born, tell us your early story

When did you first drink
When did you first drug
What was that like?

How did your disease progress?
How did that affect your school?
How did it affect your goals
How did it affect your choice of friends?
How did it affect your relationship with your parents?

When did you know you had a problem?
How did your disease manifest itself?

How did you end up in your first 12-step recovery meeting?
Describe your first meeting??

But today, you are a student at Wayne State University, what are you studying?

Tell us about Students for Recovery.
What are some of the challenges to the student in recovery?
Some challenges include
pressure to use
hostile environment
Isolation from off-campus support

What are barriers to success?
What are positive signs on campus for the student in recovery?
What supports are available?
Where do students go for support?
What kind of meeting should a student look for?
What if these types of meetings are not available?
What about time, aren’t students too busy for recovery activities?
Being the youngest in the group, is this a special challenge?
What about dating, what are your suggestions?
How about sponsorship? Any guidelines?
What is the experience with parents when they find out their student is in recovery?
In 2007, 10% of AA is less than 30 years old, do you think this has changed? Why or why not?
Don’t all students drink and do drugs, how does someone know they have a problem?
For the student, what are some red flags which indicate possible addiction?

What was the #1 thing that has held you back in your recovery life?
What is the best recovery advice you ever received?
What is something that is working for your recovery life right now?
Other than the Big Book and the 12 and 12, what is the best recovery book you have read?


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