Interview with Kurt S. – Recovered 707

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I had the privilege to meet you relatively recently
I think I first met you you at Gregg and chrissy’s house last year
You are Russ’ sponsor, right?
Since then, the three of us have tried to get together on a monthly basis and I use you guys as a sort of steering committee for this show.

For this I am grateful for your wisdom and insight.

Let’s start where we always start.
Kurt, what is your sobriety date?
Who is your sponsor?
Where is your homegroup?


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Your Story
Tell us where were you born and your family of origin.
What were your religious experiences?
Tell us your early story up until your bottom
Describe your bottom and early recovery.
Describe how you worked the steps.
What did you learn?
Tell us one amends story.
When was the obsession to drink removed?
Have you had a spiritual experience?
Describe how you work your program today.

Trauma and its Effects on Disease/Recovery
Have you had trauma(s) in your life?
How did that (they) affect your disease?
How did it affect your program?
How does it affect you today?

What was the #1 thing that was holding you back from entering recovery?
What is the best recovery advice you ever received?
What is something that is working for your recovery program right now?
Beside the Big Book, what is the best recovery book you have read?

What would you say to the new guy?

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