Joe and Charlie Eighth and Ninth Step – Recovered 758

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The Recovered Podcast has been contacted regarding possible sponsorship to help with podcasting costs. The right sponsor could help underwrite our efforts to carry this message of hope to an even larger audience, but that costs money and we need your help. To help find the right sponsor, we need to conduct a demographic survey to better understand who is listening to the show.

Your participation in this demographic survey will help us find the right sponsor. Your email address will not be sold and I will not spam you. After a few weeks, we will randomly select one name from the list of people who participated in the survey.

This winner will receive:
1. The Novel “Detroit Muscle” by Jeff Vande Zande
2. The Graphic Novel “3AZ” by Matt O.
3. A signed Big Book from yours truly.
4. $100 Amazon Gift card.

We need 250 responses in 2 weeks to be considered.

If you would like to help and take the 7 question survey, just
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That link is in the show notes which appear right now on the screen of your mobile device or computer.

Thank you for your support.


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