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The Recovered Podcast Community is not a glum lot.  They contribute to the show and what they share is exactly what someone else needs to hear.  The new guy needs to hear your story.  So honor your 12th step obligation by calling in and help the guy who has not yet gone to his first meeting, you may make the difference in his life.  There are two ways to add to the show:

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Tonight dear listener,
we are trying something different.
We will be answering your questions.

Normally, I ask our audience a question and they call in with their experience, strength, and hope.

Now it’s their turn to ask the questions.

If you are in the chat room, feel free to ask questions.
Ask away and we will try to respond to your inquiry

But as we line up our listener questions

Let me start.

What are you working on in your program today?
What is holding you back in your program today?
What recent good advice have you received?
What book, movie, tv show are you watching?

Jim – Walk in wilderness

Mandy – walk in wilderness

Clyde – Biggest Threat


Tony – Perfectionism

Buddy – Humility

Don – Home Group

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