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Sobriety can have different meanings to different people. For some, sobriety is the condition of not having any alcohol or drugs. Some in 12 step recovery fellowships, they define sobriety as achieving good mental health. To many, this seems like a more fulfilling approach to sobriety, rather than just avoiding drinking or using drugs.

Living a sober life is better than one spent fighting with addiction. Living a Sober Way of life will provide more clarity, focus, drive – and you’ll slowly start to build your relationships back up to go on living as a productive member of society. To those on the outside, you will become much more interesting.

At first, it might be challenging to see the real value of living a sober life. Many recovering addicts will glorify the old substance abuse days, often claiming their life was more fun. But our story is that using wasn’t fun anymore. We needed a new way of living.

Tonight, we talk about Living a Sober Way of Life.

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