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The Recovered Podcast Community is not a glum lot.  They contribute to the show and what they share is exactly what someone else needs to hear.  The new guy needs to hear your story.  So honor your 12th step obligation by calling in and help the guy who has not yet gone to his first meeting, you may make the difference in his life.  There are two ways to add to the show:

  1. Speakpipe Use your mobile or computer and leave a message.  This is the preferred method because the sound quality is excellent.
  2. 1-734-288-7510 is our voice message line.

Let’s jump into our topic, “Meeting Etiquette.”

The dos and don’ts of attending a 12 step fellowship

Recovery meetings can be intimidating to newcomers
who have decided that they want to stop using.

Early sobriety is an uncomfortable time and
stepping into the rooms without
knowing any of the rules or conventions
only adds to this discomfort.

The last thing a newcomer needs is
to be confronted about an unwritten rule.

Here at recovered, we don’t have etiquette rules,
but we may have suggestions.

We may have disagreements between ourselves
About what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

We will find out

Let’s start out by giving some advice to the new guy.

What are some of the rules that the new guy should be aware of?
Be on time.
Be courteous
Be honest
Don’t steal
Be sober

Ok, I turning to you first, what are some of your pet peeves

arrive time
departure time
leaving a donation
eating all the cake
stealing candy/pop
creating a bio hazard in the restroom
candle wax
dirty dishes after eating cake
personal hygiene
long shares
drunk a log
romancing the drug/drink
taking others inventory during share
going to a meeting sick
camara at meeting
Bringing pets
Bringing kids
decorum in other’s buildings
Double share

We Have Calls

Valerie from Cali


Alex from Austin

What would you say to the new guy about Meeting Etiquette?
Final Thoughts?

Check out this episode!

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