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If you are new to the idea of going to your first 12-step recovery meeting, you may be curious regarding what to expect at your first meeting.

You may have heard us talk about a Lead Discussion meeting and you have no idea what that means. Well, we will address that problem tonight.

There many types of meetings

Some include:

Open Meetings:
Closed Meetings:
Beginners Meetings:
Topic Meetings
Speaker Meetings/Open Talls
speaker-discussion meetings.
Step Meetings:
Big Book Study Meetings:
Traditions meetings
Cross Talk Meetings
Gender specific meeting

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For our listeners who may not have yet attended an AA meeting, describe meetings you attend.
What does the room look like?
Where do you sit?
What do you say?
What is the format like?

What type of meeting are you most familiar?
What is your favorite meeting type?
What is your least favorite meeting type?
What is the most unusual type of meetings?
What unusual meeting location have you experienced?
What is the smallest meeting?
What was the largest meeting?

We have calls.

What would you say to the new guy?

Check out this episode!

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