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Summer is almost here, which means warmer weather, longer days and the season of BBQs, pool parties and dining al fresco. If you’re a recovering alcoholic, it can also mean the added stress of sweating out social events where frosty margaritas, colorful pitchers of sangria, tubs of ice-cold beer and other alcoholic beverages are center stage. “For an alcoholic, life is a temptation to drink,”. “But the summer setting may bring on more of a temptation than winter, simply because there are more outdoor parties in the heat, begging for a cool drink.”

But there may be a way to navigate this tempting season.

Quoting the article:
Mocktail drinks can, for some, be a slippery slope into using again. “For some people, continuing to act as though you’re having a drink can lead to the eventual addition of a ‘little’ alcohol and then more, leading to relapse,”

Thoughts on giving up the using life style/culture?

Quoting the article
Whether it’s the clink of ice cubes, the weight or shape of the glass or the look and smell of a beverage, “any cues associated with your favorite drink are going to elicit all kinds of changes in the brain that initially mimic the changes that elicit cravings in the first place,”
Your thoughts on knowing your triggers?

research has shown that sugar can become as addictive as cocaine or morphine, she adds, noting a PLOS One study. “This is especially true of alcoholics and people who are addicted to stimulants,”

What do you drink for fun?
What are your recipes?
Most unusual?
What do you avoid?


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