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Alcoholism is often a secret disease, as the majority of the damage a family endures takes place behind closed doors. While families might struggle on a daily basis, they put on a brave face for the world, as though nothing was wrong.

Even so, people who drink sometimes engage in behaviors that spill out of the private sphere into public spaces. At times, that behavior breaks specific laws, and when police officers get involved, the family might be asked to deal with very troubling and serious legal issues, many times in public.

It can be a scary time, but with help, families may emerge from these challenges intact, and they may come to regard the issue as the turning point at which their fragile family began to heal.

It is that time of the year that a lot of us find our way to the fellowship through the criminal justice system.

Have you ever encountered police under the influence?
What was your experience, how did you feel?
How did the officer conduct himself?
Were you honest with him?

What has been your experience with drinking and the law?
Have you faced a judge for any reason?
How did they conduct themselves?
How did you feel?

Have you ever encountered police sober, trying to help someone or for something like a traffic violation?
What was your experience?
How did you feel?

If alcoholism is a disease, how should this affect the criminality of acts committed under the influence?
When does alcoholism move from a medical problem to a legal one?
What is drug court, how does it work?

We have calls.

Mike C,

Jesse From Wocester

What would you say to the new guy?

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