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In one way or another, drug addiction affects most us in AA. For
me and my experience with my son’s drug addiction, it stirs my
deepest interest and sympathy. In the world around us, we see
legions of men and women who become addicted to heroin who started
with a legitimate prescription to an opiate such as vicodin. Then
they find they are trying to cure or escape their problems by using
that prescription until it becomes so expensive. The, heroin is the
logical alternative because it is relatively cheap. Many A.A.’s,
especially those who have suffered these particular addictions, are
now asking, “What can we do to help?”

So, this is our topic, Problems other than alcohol.

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We asked our listeners a simple question on this topic. We ask,
“Do you have a drug addiction?

Survey Results

Let’s go to you first Zach,
Are you in recovery because of polysubstance abuse?
Tell us about some of your using patterns.
How are they similar or different from your alcohol use?

I’m pretty sure I’m a heroin addict, I’m not positive because
I’ve never tried it. I’m sure if I did, I would love it.

What about the ritual of use, does drug ritual mean anything to

How does your fellowship help you navigate recovery with
problems other than alcohol?
What are some of the challenges?
How do you share at meetings regarding your drug use and

Have you sponsored someone whose primary problem was not
How do you sponsor this type? What are some of the challenges?

Can a non alcoholic drug addict become an A.A. member?
Desire to stop using alcohol? If no, then no
Interesting question, do you have to be an alcoholic to be in

Can someone with a drug addiction, who also has a genuine
alcoholic history, become a member of A.A.?

What do you think about special-purpose groups for say people
who have polysubstance problems?
What do you think about A.A.’s who have suffered both alcoholism
and addiction. What do you think about special-purpose groups
forming to help other A.A.’s who are having drug trouble? Do you
think this helpful? What could be some problems that could arise
from such a formation?

Could such a special purpose group call itself an A.A.

Could such a group also include nonalcoholic drug users?

Is there any objection if A.A.’s who have had the dual problem
join outside groups, such as Narcotics Anonymous?






What would you say to the new guy about this topic?

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