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When people in recovery talk about progress not perfection it does not mean that people should not be trying to be the best they can be. The point is that perfection is too high a goal and that people should aim for something slightly less ambitious.

If the individual makes an honest attempt at overcoming their character flaws they will be moving closer to perfection, but it is not likely that they will ever fully complete this journey. Humans are fallible, and the only important thing is that they try their best. By setting the more realistic goal of progress rather than perfection the individual is far more likely to achieve their aim.

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What came first to mind when you learned that this week’s topic would be progress not perfection?

What did you want to get out of recovery when you were new in program?

What were some of your early recovery goals?

What does progress not perfection mean to you today?

What is wrong with striving for perfection?

How is humility an important part of this recovery slogan?

How can a new person know they are making progress in their recovery program?

If looking at the past is the way to know if you are making recovery progress, does “living one day at a time” hinder knowledge of making progress?

When you were new in recovery, how did you celebrate recovery successes?
What were some typical early recovery successes?

How can recovery tokens help with progress in recovery?
How has giving open talks helped with making progress in recovery?

How can service work help in making progresses?
How does prayer help with making progress?

How does having a sponsor help with making progress in recovery?
How does having a sponsee help with making progress?

What step in particular has helped you with recovery?
Can rushing steps be a hindrance to recovery?

What does Practice makes progress mean to you?

How do you deal with Failure in recovery?
Has failure ever been a good thing for you in recovery?
How can a relapse help in making progress?
Are mistakes necessary?

What does being stuck in recovery mean to you?
What part of the program helped you make the most recovery progress?

Have you ever been stuck?
How did you get unstuck?
What accelerates your progress in recovery?

What would you say to the new person about Progress?

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