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It’s common for someone who has struggled with an addiction to want to isolate. They might not feel a desire to be social. They might not want to spend time with others. For some, being social might be so heavily associated with drinking and drug use, that this is enough of a reason to avoid people. Research has shown that having a strong network of recovering people to reach out to is an essential element to staying sober.

Reaching out for support eases the challenges that come with attempting to stay sober. Getting sober and staying sober is not an easy experience. However, knowing that you have recovering friends to support you can lift the burden of having to try to stay sober on your own. Of course, the success of recovery is ultimately up to you, but having friends to call can prevent a relapse. Having a network of support is one of the key ingredients to staying sober.

Tonight, we talk about Reaching Out.

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