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The Recovered Podcast Community is not a glum lot.  They contribute to the show and what they share is exactly what someone else needs to hear.  The new guy needs to hear your story.  So honor your 12th step obligation by calling in and help the guy who has not yet gone to his first meeting, you may make the difference in his life.  There are two ways to add to the show:

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Monday, an article about the Recovered Podcast was released on a website called narratively. The article is entitled Meet the Podcasters Bringing Alcoholics Anonymous Into the Digital Age and Chrissy and I were interviewed and there are some photographs included. If you would like to read the article, just go to

I thought we would take the opportunity to discuss some of the main points of the article.

The article starts
In church basements and community centers, AA has helped people stay sober for 82 years. But is this decidedly old-school organization ready for a brand new spin?

What were your thoughts of the article?
Why do you podcast?
How do you use the internet for recovery?
Are you concerned about anonymity?
What app?
What blog?
What podcast?

What would you say to the new guy about Recovery in the Digital Age?

Also, wanted to cover Group Conscience
Group Conscience

We asked our listeners about Group Conscience. We asked our listeners,
“What is the purpose of the Group Conscience meeting?”
What do you think the purpose is of a Group Conscience meeting?

It should be said that the Recovered Podcast is not AA, we do not speak for AA, we do not represent AA. However, we are going to attempt to share our experience relative to this topic, we are not an authority. So, if you hear us espouse anything contrary to the 12 step fellowship that you are a member of, disregard our opinions, because that is all they are, our experience and opinion. None of us are authoritative.

A.A. is a spiritual movement and as Tradition 2 states clearly: Our sole authority is a loving God as He may express Himself in the group conscience. The group conscience strives for a state of being unanimous. The group conscience is the collective conscience of the group membership and this represents substantial unanimity on one issue before definitive action is taken.

But how is this practically achieved? This will be our topic tonight, Group Conscience.

AA literature uses the phrase Informed Group Conscience. AA literature suggests that Informed Group Conscience is achieved by the group members through:
the sharing of full information,
Sharing of individual points of view,
the practice of A.A.’s principles, and
willingness to listen to minority opinions with an open mind.

What is the basic purpose of the group?
what is group conscience?
How is it different from a business meeting?
Is it majority rule? If not, what is it?
How do you get there?
What topics are suitable for group conscience?
What topics should not be put to the rigor of Group Conscience?

What does sharing of full information mean to you?
Why are individual points of view important relative to group points of view?
What principles are needed?
What is willingness?
What is an open mind?
Why is the minority voice important?

How does an informed group conscience differ from
a group opinion or
a majority vote, or
a business meeting?
Check out this episode!

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