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As a way to prepare for this episode, I asked our listeners about their experience with Recovery and Therapy. As always, our listeners responded. I asked our listeners if they have every been to therapy.
What percentage of our audience do you think has been in therapy for mental health?
Many of us in recovery have found it helpful to receive mental health treatments such as talk therapy in addition to participation in a 12-step recovery program. Many of us have family of origin difficulties, the stress of dealing with the damages we have caused, many of us have been the victims of violence and abuse. Members have found that specialists in the mental health field can help in the healing process that sobriety offers.
But, sometimes, stigma within the recovering community can prevent us from seeking treatment. As we discussed last week, mental health disorders can kill and we at the Recovered Podcast advocate seeking professional help in addition to full and active participation in a 12-step recovering community.

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Well, Chrissy, those are my opinions and I welcome everyone’s pinion tonight. Including you folks in the chat room.

What is your experience with this topic?
What is your philosophy regarding seeking treatment in addition to 12-step recovery?
What is your experience, have you ever had treatment?
Was it helpful?
How is it helpful?
Did you find it in opposition to AA?
Was your therapist familiar with AA?
How much sobriety did you have when you went in treatment?
How did you select a therapist?
Did you shop around?
What was your first visit like?
What should someone who has never been to therapy expect?
Was your insurance coverage a factor?

What makes a good therapist?
What makes a bad therapist?

How is therapy similar to AA meetings?
How is therapy similar to AA meetings?

Have you ever discussed this topic with a sponsee?

What would you say to the new guy?

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