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We people who manage to escape addiction did so by taking responsibility for our own plight. When abusing substances we may have had plenty of justifications that absolved our accountability, but such irrational thinking cannot follow us into sobriety. Recovery begins when we take responsibility for our situation and decide to improve things.

Responsibility Defined
The word responsibility means an individual who has a moral, legal, or mental accountability for something. It means that people are answerable for any act performed, and its consequences. Responsibility is based on the idea that humans are capable of making choices, and therefore they should be responsible for these choices.

This means that if there are negative consequences for some action by an individual they should be prepared to be accountable for this.

In previous generations it was assumed that people fell into addiction because they were just bad people. The disease theory of addiction became popular during the middle of the last century, and this puts forward the idea that the addict is not fully to blame for their situation. They have a brain disease,

and it is this that drives the addiction. This would imply that the addict is no more responsible for their condition than the diabetic.

While many would agree that the individual is not responsible for falling into addiction they certainly have a responsibility to get themselves out of this situation. Nobody else can do this for them so if they fail to take responsibility they are doomed to an unpleasant ending.

Some individuals use the disease theory as justification for their failure to escape addiction, but this argument is not valid at all. If people choose to continue to abuse alcohol and drugs they are fully responsible for the outcome.

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What was your initial reaction when you heard that Recovery is My Responsibility was going to be the topic?
Where do you want to start?

Before drugs and alcohol, were you a responsible person?

How were you irresponsible when you started using?
Why did you become irresponsible?
What were some of the consequences of being irresponsible?
How did it affect your relationships with family, friends, higher power, employer, self?

When you first came into program, did you have unrealistic expectations of the fellowship to get you sober? Explain?

How did you come to the realization that your recovery is your responsibility?
What does Recovery is My Responsibility mean to you today?
Why is being responsible for your own recovery important to you?

How did you learn to be more responsible?
What steps, service work, prayer, slogan, sponsor advice, etc. helped?

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