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If you’ve begun your recovery from drugs and alcohol, you’ve already taken the first step toward finding serenity. This is because when you’re in active addiction, your life is filled with chaos and dysfunction – not peace and serenity.

During recovery, on the other hand, you’ll learn about inner peace and spiritual healing – and how serenity can help bring you calm as you cope with the ups and downs of life without drugs and/or alcohol.

Tonight, we talk about Serenity

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In your process of working a 12-step recovery program, you’ll learn about inner peace.  You will learn how serenity can help give you a sense of calmness as you cope with the ups and downs of life without drugs and alcohol.

It’s not easy and a big part of recovery and the 12-step philosophy is learning techniques to bring you peace of mind and tranquility in your fight for sobriety, even in the midst of chaos. 

This week’s topic of
was inspired by
Chapter 26 – Living Undisturbed
Of Buddy’s book, Powerless But Not Helpless
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So, here is

Verse 26 – Living Undisturbed

Compassion makes life easy.
Surrender is the master of the restless.

Therefore, those living sober can participate in the activities of the world, undisturbed and without fear.

They can enjoy many material goods yet stay unattached.
As long as compassion and surrender continue, all of this is possible.


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