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Today, most all of our activities revolve around technology. Social media is the new norm of communication, and most people would not be able to work or complete daily tasks without their devices. Most people have some type of social media: whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or a similar platform. Social media has become a way that people interact with the world. “”Social media are increasingly affecting people’s everyday behavior, including their attitudes toward health and recovery.”

Ok, here is the question for tonight,
Is it possible to engage in recovery and safely connect with others through social media? The understanding of addiction as a medical condition has helped many individuals step out of shame. This shame that used to keep their condition from being shared. While isolation and lack of support can make addiction worse, connecting with other people and gaining a support system are proven to help individuals recover. While a sense of feeling connected is an important part of recovery, tonight, we want to talk about both the negative and positive outcomes of social media.

What forms of social media do you use in your recovery program?

What are the negatives of social media and your recovery?
What are some of the positives of social media and recovery?

How has your recovery toolbox changed with technology in your program?
What did you used to use but no longer use in you program?
What are your favorite
Web sites,
social media,
How do you use them?

What do you see in the future as far as recovery and technology?


Brock from Kansas

Clyde from Shelby Township–A2mABpg



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What would you say to the new person about
Social Media and Recovery?

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