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Are you experienced, or do you know someone in the program who is experienced,  in social media marketing?  Join us and help us manage our social media properties.  This could be the 12-step work that you have been looking for.

Our current properties are:
5.  Google Groups (this email is generated from a Google Group called RecoveredHosts)
Our Goal:
  • Improve engagement with listeners
  • Create greater on-line visibility
  • Create a uniform branding experience across all the above platforms
We would want our manager to:
1.  Devise a Social Media plan
2.  Set specific goals
3.  Implement some tools such as hootsuite and google analytics
4.  Establish a budget required and manage that budget.
5.  Market and chaperon the Live Stream Chat Room
6.  Engage listeners on all platforms to provide recovery support and encourage show participation
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