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‘Tis the season of glad tidings and good cheer, but for people in recovery, the holidays can be difficult.

Unrealistic expectations, over-commitment, unhealthy eating, financial strain and fatigue can fray emotions. You might be spending your holidays away from your support system and sober routines, which can make you more vulnerable to relapse. Holiday customs and annual gatherings that are closely associated with drinking can be a trigger and put your recovery at risk.

But there are ways you can prepare for this holiday season and safeguard the gift you’ve given yourself and those you love: Your sobriety. Tonight, we talk about how to stay sober during the holidays.

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What comes first to mind?

Before sobriety, what did the holidays use to be like, what did this season mean for you before program?
What was your experience with being new during this time of year?
How did you cope?
What was the most difficult part of that first year sober?

What were your triggers that the holidays provoked most?
What part of the program helps?

What about today, what does this time of year mean to your recovery program?

This can be a lonely time for the new guy, talk to that person,
What have you done when you feel lonely?

Family can be a trigger for the person who is new in recovery?
What have you done when you feel family triggers?

Food can also be a problem for people this time of year?
What about alcohol in food?
How do you handle being offered a rum ball?

What about financial strain at this time of year?
How do you handle financial insecurities?

The holidays can interrupt our recovery schedule.
How do you handle this?

What do you recommend for the new guy going through his first Holiday season?

What is an escape plan?
Why should you keep track of your drink at parties?
What do you drink at holidays?
What do you say to the person who asks why you’re not drinking?

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