Staying Sober on St. Patrick’s Day

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Six Ways to Stay Sober this St. Patrick’s Day


Holidays can be a difficult time for those in the midst of recovery from addiction. For recovering alcoholics, St. Patrick’s Day might seem like the kind of holiday that is best avoided altogether. However, making the decision not to drink doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t celebrate any traces of Irish heritage, and there is much more to Irish culture than drinking.


If you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year without giving up your sobriety, here are six ways you can have fun without picking up a single pint.


  1. Hang Out with the Right Crowd


The key to having a successfully sober St. Patrick’s Day is by choosing the right people to spend it with. We all have that group of friends who like to really turn things up during the holidays, and are likely going to want to do much of the same for the biggest drinking holiday of the year. While these friends are probably great to be around, they won’t do you any good when trying to stay sober for the holidays. This is why you probably shouldn’t follow your friends as they crawl from pub to pub. Sometimes, just being in the wrong environment can be enough to push us to make a decision we’ll later regret.


  1. Watch the Parade


Just because you’ve decided to stay away from the bars, doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and enjoy the holiday. It wouldn’t be St. Paddy’s Day without a loud and colorful parade rolling through your town. These kinds of public events are great to really soak in the spirit of the holiday without pouring a couple spirits yourself.


  1. Sign Up for a St. Paddy’s Day Run


Another staple for many cities all across America is some sort of St. Patrick’s Day run. Whether you are in shape, or on the path to better health, training for a race can be the perfect way to abstain from drinking while reaping the benefits of running. Signing up for a race on St. Patrick’s Day will give you a goal to work towards. As you focus your efforts on training for the race, you’ll have a good reason to stay away from bad habits and unhealthy behaviors.


  1. Attend a Concert or Event


While many point to drinking as the number one export of Ireland, there is still much more that the country has to offer. Irish culture is world-renowned for its musical heritage from catchy sing-along folk tunes, to modern punk-ballads. If you enjoy any form of live music, then you might consider attending one of the many public concerts or events dedicated to celebrating Irish culture. Singing along and tapping your toes to the music is a great way to celebrate the culture without depending on alcohol for a good time.


  1. Prepare Your Own Irish Supper


If you feel like avoiding heading out this year, there are a few ways you can enjoy St. Patrick’s Day from the comfort of your own home. One way to celebrate is by preparing your own big Irish-inspired dinner. There is no shortage of delicious Irish recipes that you can prepare such as corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie and Irish stew.


  1. Throw Your Own Party


Since you’re already going through the effort of preparing a big Irish meal, why not invite a couple of close friends and host your own St. Patrick’s Day party? Hosting your own sober party allows you to enjoy the holiday your way, without the need for any alcoholic beverages. Make your own DIY decorations for your Shamrock-colored party so you can enjoy  the holiday with your BFFs.


Whether you decide to stay in or head out, there are many ways to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day without ever picking up an alcoholic beverage. Everyone deserves to have an exciting during a holiday.


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