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The Twelfth Step sums up our Twelve Step recovery program as a lifetime undertaking based on the practice of spiritual principles and service to others with the same addiction or compulsion. Bill Wilson writes, “The joy of living is the theme of AA’s Twelfth Step, and action is its key word…Here we begin to practice all Twelve Steps of the program in our daily lives so that we and those about us may find emotional sobriety.” The transforming power of the Twelve Steps is now focused on the whole of life, and the recovering alcoholic moves to a larger, more encompassing dimension: the world of the spirit.

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What does the term “spiritual awakening” mean to you?
Have you had a spiritual awakening? How are you different than before program?

How does working the steps lead you to a spiritual awakening?

What message do you carry to the alcoholic who still suffers? Why is this important?
What 12 step work do you do?
What are the principles that we practice in all our affairs?

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What would you say to the new guy about this Step?

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