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Step 8 is concerned with our personal relationships.  It is an examination of how we have dealt with people in the past and, more specifically, how we have harmed them.  This step is the basis for developing a more productive and satisfactory way of dealing with others. The AA 12 and 12 says that step 8 is the beginning of the end of isolation from our fellows and from God.

According to the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 and 12, steps 8 & 9 involved this process:

we take a look backward and try to discover where we had been at fault,
we make a vigorous attempt to repair the damage we have done, and

This is a very large order.

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what are your initial thoughts on this step?
What is the purpose of this step?
What does it mean to make amends to someone to you?
What is the role of forgiveness for you in the amends process?
What does the term harm mean in this step to you?
Why must we be willing to make amends to all those we have harmed? Can’t there be any exceptions?
Have you resisted making this list? If so, why?
Did you use your 4th step as a tool in preparation?
The first time you took this step? Where are you willing to make amends?
Have you ever prayed for the willingness to be willing?
Have you ever put yourself on this list?
How does your higher power play a role in this step?
How has your sponsor help you in this step?
What prayers have you used during this step?
What slogans have you used during this step?
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What would you say to the new guy about Step 8?

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