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Bill Wilson writes, “Good judgement, a careful sense of timing, courage and prudence – these are qualities needed when we take Step 9.” It is a painful, humbling step. But it is also rewarding. AA’s Twelve Promises are said to come true with the Ninth Step.

This is an action step. We determine, after prayer and consultation with our sponsor, the specific amends we need to make to each person we have harmed. And, of course, we make the actual amends to each person on our Eighth Step list.

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Let’s go to you first Cristie, where do you want to begin on this topic, Ninth Sep?

What does direct amends mean to you?

What would stop you from making an amends?

Do you ever rehearse an amend before actually making it?  Why? Did it help?

What are your thoughts on the exception clause (except when to do so would injure them or others) of his step?

What is the difference between an amends and an apology?

Is there an amends that you are putting off right now?  Why?

How do you make an amends to someone who is not alive or available?

What does the word “reparations” mean to you?

What guidelines do you use in determining the amend to be made?

Were you ready to suffer the consequences of this step?

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Clyde from Shelby

Alex from Austin

Bill from New Jersey


What would you say to the new person faced with Step 9 for the first time?


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