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Steps 8 and 9 hold significant importance in the journey of recovery within Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Step 8 involves making a list of individuals harmed during one’s active addiction and becoming willing to make amends to them. This step fosters accountability and self-reflection, encouraging individuals to confront the consequences of their actions and take responsibility for repairing the harm caused. By identifying those who have been affected by their behavior, individuals in recovery begin to understand the ripple effects of their actions and the importance of seeking reconciliation. Step 8 lays the groundwork for Step 9, which involves making direct amends to those harmed, except when doing so would cause further harm or injury. This step requires humility, courage, and a commitment to personal growth. By actively seeking to make things right with others, individuals in recovery not only address past wrongs but also cultivate integrity, empathy, and a sense of accountability, essential qualities for maintaining sobriety and healthy relationships.
Tonight, we talk about Steps 8 & 9


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