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For most of us,
summer is the perfect time for recreation,
outdoor activities, socializing and relaxing.
For some of us,
Summer is the busy time of the year and
finding time for recovery is the challenge.

Now that you’re sober and summer is upon us,
your idea of fun will no doubt look and feel
a lot different than it did in the past?and that’s a good thing!

For those in recovery ?
especially early recovery ?
summertime can also present a unique set of challenges.

In the past, some of your summertime activities
may have been synonymous with destructive behaviors.
However, changing your lifestyle for the better
doesn’t necessarily mean you have to
redefine your personal definition of “fun.”

So, if you’re looking for some new summer activities
that will allow you to let loose, laugh and have fun
without the fear of triggering a relapse, you’re in luck.
We have suggestions!

What was your first summer like?
Did it feel odd to not use? How and why?
What were some of your triggers?
How did you cope?
What tools did you use?

What has held you back from enjoying summer as a sober person?
What is the best advice you ever received about keeping your recovery program strong during summer?
What book, website, podcast, music, movie, concert, do you recommend the new person to check out this summer?
What is something that is working for you right now in your summertime recovery program?

Suggestions you may want to comment on.
Go Camping, Embrace Nature
Join a Sports League
Travel and Sightseeing
Volunteer Your Time
Try a New Activity
Explore Your City or Home State
Involve Your Pets
Explore Your Creative Side
Coordinate/Vacation with Others in Recovery
Meditate in unique places
Start an outdoor meeting


Minus from San Diego

Tony from Connecticut

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Zach from Canton

Buddy from Ga

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