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“The grouch and the brainstorm were not for us. They may be the dubious luxury of normal men, but for alcoholics these things are poison.” [1]

“Grouch” is not the name of a Sesame Street puppet. It means a “fit of temper.” [2]

Today, a brainstorming is generally considered by normal people to be a bunch of people creatively bouncing brilliant ideas off each other. Back in 1938 when the Big Book was written, a brainstorm was considered to be “an outburst of passion or agitation so violent as temporarily to deprive one of reason”.[3]

Psychologists will tell us that Violent temperament and agitation cuts us off from our access to sound reasoning. Agitation can also hinder our spiritual connections. So, if a brainstorm is a Spiritual sickness coupled with loss of intellectual reasoning, it is no wonder life becomes unmanageable and we feel adrift.

Sometimes, Life brings us to a place where we experience cruelty or injustice caused by people, places, and things. How I can determine how healthy I am in my spiritual life is by how I respond to those who disturb me.

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When you first learned of this topic, what did you first think? Where would like to begin with this topic?

What does “the Grouch” mean to you?
What does the “brainstorm” mean to you?
Why are they bad for you?

This part of the big book focuses on

When I first came into the program, I was told that looking at my resentments could be a journey of self discovery. It could be a key to lasting sobriety.
I had no idea what this meant.
I just knew I was pissed, jealous, and a victim.

How was talking about resentments helpful?
What about you?

When you first came in, what were some of your resentments?

Resentment means to re-live a past injury,
To cultivate this memory, to protect it.
What are your thoughts about this definition?

How can let go and let God help?

What are your thoughts about resentments leading to self-pity?
Has this happened to you?
What was the effect?
Where does self pity lead you?

What are your thoughts about the relationship between resentment and humility?
How is humility the cure for resentments?
How does this relate to Step 7?

When you were new, who did you think was to blame for these resentments?

What were your thoughts that you are the one who may be the cause of your resentment.
That maybe you got the ball rolling?

When dealing with resentments now, what tools do you use?
What steps help?
How do meetings help?
How is a sponsor helpful?
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