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Transitional Housing programs provide structured living settings where newly-sober addicts and alcoholics learn basic skills for drug-free living. Typically, residents hold a job, contribute to maintaining their household, attend 12-step meetings and participate in community life. Transitional Housing can provide a simple way off the streets and into solid recovery.

Tonight, we talk about Prayer and Transitional Housing.

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Entering treatment and/or recovery support services is a big and difficult decision. Dawn Farm is a place of recovery and we get to watch people move from fear and utter despair to great lives that include exciting careers, solid families, rewarding relationships, service to others and financial success. We know that recovery is possible for anyone because we see it every day. You will see it too because of how we approach helping people with drug and alcohol problems.

The goal of Dawn Farm is to assist addicts and alcoholics in achieving long term recovery.

Tonight we are joined with Ross Zini, the Transitional Housing Coordinator with Dawn Farm, which is a Recovery Center here in Ann Arbor Michigan. This Transitional Housing program at Dawn Farm is called the Chaplin Street Project.

Welcome Ross

We are also joined with Mason who is a house manager
With Dawn Farm, welcome Mason

We will start with you Rodd, tell our listeners a little bit about transitional housing at Dawn farm and your responsibilities there.

Mason, tell us your role with the Chaplin Street Project.

Ok, let’s get to the topic: Transitional Housing.
But let’s keep the new person in mind
Many of our listeners have never been to a 12 step meeting but they are struggling with their addiction and are looking for solutions.

So, start with the basics…
What is Transitional Housing?
Tell us more about the Chaplin Street Project? How is it different?

Take us on word picture tour of Chaplin Street, what can one expect?

What is long term treatment?
Why is long term treatment encouraged by Dawn Farm?

How does one qualify?
How do you move in?
Why is transitional housing important?
Who should consider transitional housing?
Who should not consider transitional housing?

On your website, it says, “keep it safe.” What does this mean?

What kind of structure is expected at Chaplin Street? What are the rules?

Are there roommates? What is expected regarding being considerate?
Residents are expected to “work a program”, what does this mean?
Are there particular meetings that are attended and why?
What does,
Be a good citizen
Be accountable
Work toward becoming self-supporting

Ok, what about dating?

Who qualifies?
What are the costs?

What would you say to someone who is considering treatment and why is long term treatment encouraged?

How does someone get ahold of you?
What is the phone number?
What is the website?

What would you say to the new person about Transitional Housing ?



Final Thoughts?

What would you say to the new person about Transitional Housing?
We asked our listeners about this topic.

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We asked our listeners,
Have you ever been in Transitional Housing or Sober Living?

Did you take the survey?

What would be your answer?

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What would you say to the new guy about Transitional Housing?

So Remember; abandon yourself to God and admit your faults. Clear away the wreckage of your past and give freely. God bless and see you next time.

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