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Now that tri county is over and all the boxes are put away, now that the digital files have been organized, we now have time to reflect on what happened during the Tri County conference of AA. When I am in the moment, I’m not all that aware of what is going on around me.

We are going to talk about our experience strength and hope on the AA conference that the Recovered Podcast participated in. The conference is called Tri-county.

What were your expectations of the conference?
What were your first impressions, what did you see?
What was your experience during the podcasts?
What was your experience listening?
What was your experience participating?
What was most memorable?
What was most forgettable?

What surprised you?
Was anything missing?
Did you see anyone you knew?
Did you meet anyone new?
Did you meet any listeners?

What were some lessons learned?
What would you change?
What would you leave alone?

Do you want to do March Roundup?
If we go out of state to do a conference, would you go?
What about International in 2020?




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