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Tonight, we will explore recovery in terms of how it used to be like when we were new


All of us have been around a while

All of us have seen changes in meetings

We have seen changes in way people are sponsored

All of us have seen changes in how addictions have influenced meetings

All of us have seen how recovery centers have influenced recovery language and behavior

All of us have seen how the court system has influenced meetings


Tonight we will talk about how things have changed since we were new.


What comes first to mind when you heard about this topic?

How has your recovery program changed since you were new?

What is different?

What is the same?

How about meetings how have meetings changed?  

How have meetings remained the same?


Are the issues the same or have they changed?  


When you first came in, what did you want to get out of AA?

What was the first thing you worked on?

What was your primary concern?


Today, what are you working on?


What has changed in recovery over the years

What has remained the same?


How has technology influenced your program?


How has sponsorship changed?

How have sponsees changed?

How has the fellowship changed?


How have the courts influenced meetings?

How have drugs influenced meetings?

How has non-smoking influenced meetings?


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Mike from FLA



Alex from austin


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